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If you’re looking for sim racing rigs and accessories that will take your gaming to new heights, SIMRIGS is the place to go. We are an e-commerce website that provides top-notch sim racing rigs and sim racing accessories for gaming. We also offer simulator parts as well as sim racing rig frames, making us an easy one-stop source for your race gaming needs.

SIMRIGS is an exclusive distributor of SIMAGIC, along with local sales and tech support.

SIMRIGS offers a wide range of sim racing rigs and accessories for gamers looking to take their racing experience to new heights. Here are some of our featured collections:

  • Sim Racing Rigs — Our sim racing rigs are designed to provide a realistic and immersive racing experience. We offer a variety of options to suit different budgets and preferences, including the Exodus and SIMAGIC Alpha Mini.
  • Simulator Parts — We offer a range of simulator parts, including pedals, steering wheels, shifters and handbrakes. These parts are designed to be used with our sim racing rigs to provide a complete and immersive racing experience.
  • Sim Racing Accessories — In addition to our sim racing rigs and simulator parts, we also offer a range of accessories to enhance your racing experience. These include racing seats, monitor stands and gaming chairs.
  • Sim Racing Rig Frames — If you prefer to build your own sim racing rig, we offer a range of sim racing rig frames to suit different budgets and preferences. Our frames are compatible with a range of simulator parts, making it easy to create a custom setup.

At SIMRIGS, we are committed to providing high-quality sim racing rigs for sale and exceptional customer service. Browse our collections today to find the perfect rig for your needs.

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