Racebox GTE V2


  • 5" VoCore display (Compatible with SimHub, JRT Timing and Z1 Dashboard)
  • 7-way ALPS switch.
  • 6061 Billet aluminium brake bias knob and high detent force center encoder.
  • 3 rotary encoders with push button.
  • 4 push buttons, aluminium housing with black bezel. 
  • 1 momentary toggle switches (MOM-OFF-MOM) 
  • 1 latching toggle switch with red cover (ON-OFF). 
  • 1 LED illuminated push button (MOM-OFF).
  • Label sheet included.


  • Front Plate: 3mm black acrylic with carbon fiber textured vinyl wrap.
  • Enclosure: molded ABS, primed and painted in black.
  • Rear mounting bracket with 4xM5 nuts. VESA 75 compatible.
  • Connection: Independent USB B type port, mounted to the enclosure

Setup instructions and more information can be found here

  • – 2x USB ports are required.

    – This button box requires SimHub, JRT or Z1 for dashboard display. Please check our Setup Guides.

    – Buttons can be configured directly in-game.