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  • Inverted Hydraulic Braking System - Simagic P1000

    Introducing Simagic's P-HYS Hydraulic Brake System, crafted exclusively for the P1000 and P1000i pedals. Experience genuine race car braking realism from Simagic's dedicated race engineers. The P-HYS system replicates every nuance for an immersive simulation.

    Engineered for enhanced performance, the P-HYS Hydraulic Brake System offers improved control and responsiveness, taking your driving experience to new heights.

    Highlighted by the Rotatable Oil Reservoir (P-HYSi), this innovation accommodates P1000 and P1000i pedals seamlessly, showcasing our commitment to adaptability.

    Upgrade now and redefine precision braking with Simagic. Elevate your skills and conquer the track like never before.